Bordighera and surroundings

There are many interesting places both in terms of landscape and culture that Bordighera offers its visitors.

The pineta, overhangs our B & B and divides the lower city from the ancient village above. Great place to relax, offers a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding coast.
Bordighera Alta, so called forever, is the ancient village surrounded by the original walls dating back to the period of the Saracen invasions. Rich in bars after enjoying the typical Ligurian cuisine, it is also used for cultural and musical events, especially during the summer.

One of these events took place from 31 August to 2 September. This is "Aspettando Agorà", a cultural event that brought together, in the squares and alleys of the village, works by well-known and lesser known painters and sculptors, in a curious itinerary.
A space was also dedicated to this event in memory of my father Enzo Maiolino, and his works.

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