The house

The mansion was built between the '30 and the '40 by my grandparents.
It's always been our home. On the ground floor lived for over 50 years my father, Enzo Maiolino, painter, engraver, archivist, scholar and teacher until his death in November 2016. Because of him the house was attend by  important guests: poets, writers, friends painters but even students desiring to learn tips and advice from mt father. Anyone who entered in the house was welcome in a particular atmosphere made in culture, tranquility, good talks usually with a coup of the famous “caffè del professore” (coffee of the teacher) or my mother's the and cookies.
To my guests I would like to offer the same atmosphere: an oasis of peace and tranquility, comfortable and regenerating.
The name of this B&B it's not random...
Tangram, ancient oriental game, has inspired most of the painting works of my father.
A small “omage” to a great man who always considerate art as a precious gift to share with anyone interested or even just curious.

Common spaces

small room at disposal of all guests, with a television, a portion of our library, a space to relax.

big room with a fridge, cookers, pots and the tools to cook and eat lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served here every morning in specific time.
It's request to all guests to keep it clean and in order. The owner it's at your disposal for any request.

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